MRA Show Rules

Revised April 10, 2019

  1. Reps are not required to attend all markets, but if you sign up, booth must be covered during majority of show hours. No moving in or out during show hours. A $300 fine will be assessed for early breakdown (special considerations must be made in writing prior to the event to the MRA Office). Reps may exhibit all lines they represent at MRA booth markets.
  2. Fee schedule: Booth Fees vary per event
    1. Members - $200 Annual Dues
    2. Principal - $150 per show for all shows (anyone in management, proprietor of a manufacturer, or employee not including customer service unless customer service is making management, design, business, or financial decisions).
    3. Helpers - $25 per show (anyone assisting the rep at the show and has no field selling responsibilities)
    4. Associates - $225 per fiscal year (anyone who is traveling the territory with or without their own lines, who is paid, but the member rep or manufacturer, who clinic and/or have selling responsibilities).
  3. Your membership dues, principal, associates, and helper fees, assessed fines plus any outstanding charges must be paid in full in order to exhibit.
  4. Booths must be ready to accept appointments at the scheduled opening times and must remain ready until the scheduled closing.
  5. Your MRA badge must be worn during market hours. Reps should also see that their associates, helpers, tech/service reps, principals, dealers, and their employees are properly registered and are wearing badges.
  6. Stickers, posters, banners, and promotional equipment must be within your booth. When projectors or videos are used in your booth volume must be kept to a minimum at all times.
  7. No pets are allowed at any time.
  8. While at MRA sponsored markets, reps/exhibitors shall not serve alcoholic beverages at their booths or vans during show hours. Violation of this rule may result in ejection of the exhibitor and/or the imposition of a fine.
  9. Reps shall not initiate a special function during any part of the show that may detract from or compete with a MRA function.
  10. Exhibitors are responsible for acquainting all personnel in their booths with MRA show rules.
  11. Important notice: any exhibitor showing their lines and or making their services available, either alone or in concert with others at/or within 50 miles of an MRA sanctioned event, during show/demo dates and posted hours, will be subjected to expulsion from the organization. Failure to comply with these rules may result in ejection of the exhibitor, removal of the exhibitor, removal of the exhibit, and/or the imposition of a fine. The imposition is to be determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors or their designate.

Special On-Hill Demo Rules:

  1. Proof of Liability of Insurance must be submitted prior to the event.
  2. Helper fee – no charge fewer than 3 (per each paid space) – each additional will be charged $25 per person. Names must be submitted to the MRA Office for credentials prior to the event.
  3. Eligible products for the demo and display are:
    Skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, snowshoes, helmets, snow cycles, ski boards, hydration systems, or orthodics.
  4. Any member who wishes to demo something other than those items listed above may request permission in writing to the MRA office.
  5. Participants who wish to hang banners outside the specified demo areas must obtain clearance from the MRA Event Committee.
  6. Any member who is involved with any property damage or destructive behavior that may result in legal ramifications will be subject to possible expulsion and/or fines.

MRA Code of Ethics

(Adopted by the MRA Board of Directors May, 2003)

TO perform all of the functions of the manufacturers’ agent with constant adherence to the highest ideas of honesty, responsibility and professional ethics

TO conduct our business and ourselves at all times in a manner which reflects credit upon the manufacturer, customer, associations, other manufacturers’ agents and the entire industry

TO respect the contractual relationship (written or otherwise) between manufacturer and other agents and to refrain from solicitation of manufacturers’ already represented

TO fully respect the confidence and trust of manufacturer, customer and other members

TO hold as true at all times the belief that the primary responsibility of the manufacturers’ agent is to serve, rendered with the utmost efficiency and integrity

TO give full support to these institutes, leagues, associations and other organizations dedicated to furthering sports and leisure

TO give full support to our association, its policies and programs.


I understand that my participation in this MRA show is voluntary. I acknowledge receipt of the MRA Show Rules and agree that I and individuals working under my direction will abide by these rules.

By submitting my registration electronically I acknowledge and agree to the foregoing policies.